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Based on Elmer Fudd, she is a total role reversal of Elmer; instead of hunting animals, she cares for them to selfish lengths She is one of the few human characters in the series, and like the animal characters, she attends Acme Looniversity where she also serves as the nurse to the point of sometimes duplicating herself like in The Acme Bowl where two Elmyras are skipping happily carrying injured players off the football field in the game against Perfecto Prep.

Based on Yosemite Sam, he is bad-tempered, loud-mouthed, money-hungry tycoon.

Based on Pepé Le Pew, she shares his character traits of having a French accent and aggressively seeking romance, only to find the object of her affection repulsed by her odor.

In several episodes, it is revealed that she wears a wig.

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Only you know which category you belong to or which category you want to belong to, and once you determine which approach fits your life philosophy, you are likely to make the right choice for yourself given your unique situation, as well as what you need and want at that specific point in your life.

Since Don Messick's death in 1997, Billy West took over the role of Hamton in a few video games since 1998's "Tiny Toon Adventures: Toonenstein".

She wears a blue blouse, a white skirt, black Mary Janes over white socks and a blue bow with a skull at the center.

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