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Posted on April 09, 2012 When American pilots first encountered the Zero, they were stunned. This dominance is sometimes attributed to the A6M’s high speed.In reality, however, the Zero was rather modest in straight-line speed, with a maximum speed for the A6M2 Model 21 of about 317 mph to 332 mph at the critical altitude of about 16,000 feet.Fortunately, these tortured calculations are not the only basis for judging the Model 21’s speed.In a 1941 contest, Japan flew the Zero against various other Japanese fighters.

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The first model was Model 11, meaning that it was the first major version of the fuselage and engine. After 66 aircraft were built, folding wing tips were added to permit more Zeros to fit on aircraft carriers.[2] This second model was the Model 21, to indicate a different fuselage.

Three major books on the Zero also list this speed without citation.

Mikesh[9] lists the speed of the Zeke 21 as 287 kts (331 mph) on page 97. Jackson[10] also lists the speed of the A6M2 as 534 km/h (332 mph) at 4500 m (14,930 ft) without citation.

He also noted that the A6M3 was a disappointment, being only 10 km/h faster than the A6M2.

This would mean that the A6M2’s speed was about 535 km/h or 332 mph.

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