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The affidavit provides chilling details; it says that authorities examined Christensen’s phone and alleges that he accessed a website entitled “Abduction 101” and sub-threads that were called things like “perfect abduction fantasy” and “planning a kidnapping.” He had also worked as a Physics class teaching assistant.

It was also revealed that Christensen was photographed attending a rally for the victim.

student researcher from Champaign, is accused of kidnapping Yingying Zhang, a missing University of Illinois visiting scholar whose mysterious disappearance galvanized the community.

One student who had Christensen as a TA recently wrote on Reddit, “I had him 3 years ago for physics 212 TA. Completely normal, perhaps a bit awkward but with no unusual vibes.” According to the University of Illinois police, Zhang, a graduate student from China, disappeared on June 9.

She was supposed to check out an apartment to lease and never showed up.

One of her favorite songs was ‘The Rose,’ a hit in 1980 for American singer Bette Midler,” reported The Chicago Tribune.

The announcement of an arrest, which came June 30, leaves major unanswered questions. And, if the FBI is sadly right that she is not alive, where is her body? in Champaign and saw the car registered to Christensen.

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