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This page is designed for parents and teachers who strive to rear their children and students in a God-pleasing manner. Andrew Philips has gathered and published hundreds of pages on saints of the West, including saints of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, Scandinavia, and Germany.

He has posted services and commemoration calendars.

Frequently, however, such Lives are also our best sources for basic social and cultural history.

They provide information on, among other things:- details of daily life; food and drink; organization of local rural and urban society; the impact of commerce; gender relations; class relations; and even, on occasion, specific dates for military and political history.

Catholic saints (as also, in a less methodical way Orthodox saints) now acquired at dossier organized as a legal brief.

Modern Christians, especially Orthodox Christians, still read such lives for their religious value.

They are listed here - with an indication of their value - but need to be used with care by those engaging in scholarship.

Welcome to the resource page of the, a site of the Genuine Orthodox Church in America.

In 1588 Pope Sixtus V, by his Immensa Aeterni Dei, entrusted the process of papal canonization to the Congregation of Rites.

In 1642 Urban VIII ordered all the decrees and studies of canonizations during his own pontificate to be published in one volume -- and a century later, Benedict XIV systematized in a clear and definitive manner the basic expectations of heroic virtue and the indispensable requirements of the canonical processes according to the evidences of the Congregation of Rites.

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