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\n The DVD is divided into thirteen themes Waking from the Trance By Stephen Wolinsky Have you ever felt that your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and memories – everything you’ve known to be \"you\" – might be just the surface of something far more expansive?

That somehow, there might be a way to \"wake up\" to an entirely new revelation of the world and of yourself?

No one describes this more concisely then Nagarjuna (the founder of Madhyamika Buddhism) with his eight negations, or personifies it quite like Avadhut Nityananda.

\n In Prior to the I am, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, (documented in video footage from 1980) is shown saying the exact words Nagarjuna used in presenting his eight negations. Stephen Wolinsky clarifies and defines spirituality as the Primordial That. Wolinsky deconstructs the spiritual and psychological realms as philosophical traps (neti neti), discarding all perceptions, even that of the brain and nervous system, and, going even further by deconstructing deconstruction itself.

In 2002, he founded Post-deconstruction, a scientific approach beyond Postmodernism. in Clinical Psychology and began his psychotherapy practice in 1974.

He is the author of fourteen books, audio tapes and a DVD series, I Am That I Am. From 1975 to 1985 he met over thirty different Gurus, Teachers, Rinpoches, and Meditation Masters.

In a conversation with Maharaj, Smit asked him, “Did you ever meet Nityananda? Smit asked, “What did you think of him.” Maharaj replied, “Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.” The second connection between Bhagwan Avadhut Nityananda and Nisargadatta Maharaj revealed itself, when S. Mullarpattan, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj’s primary translator in the years 1976-1981, told Stephen that Bhagawan Avadhut Nityananda, as a young man used to stay with Mullarpattan’s family quite often, and that Mullarpattan used to go and see Baghawan Nityananda frequently in Ganespuri, and that he still does his mantra japa, (repetition).In the mid-1980’s he went to Nepal to study three of the six Yogas of Naropa .Later he realized the identical nature of the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, and Madhyamika, (Middle Way) Buddhism Founder, Nagarjuna, and his Eight Negations.In January 1977, he journeyed to India to study meditation, and remained there for almost six years.Stephen continued traveling back to India for months at a time, over the next four years.

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