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However the opponent takes half of the two battling monsters combined attack points, once this effect is used, any battle damage dealt in a battle with Yubel the Guardian is cut in half and the control of Yubel the Guardian can't be changed.

Final Elemental Fusionspell Effect Pay half of your life points, then send materials from the hand, deck and field to the graveyard that is the materials for an Elemental Dragon Hero fusion monster and summon it, any materials already in the graveyard is also included (If all the materials is already in the graveyard, just summon the fusion monster).

E - Dragon Village (field spell)Effects:1, All Elemental Dragon Heroes on the field gain 400 Atk.2, Once per turn during either player's turn, by removing one Elemental Dragon Hero in the graveyard from the game, for this turn all battle damage involving a Elemental Dragon Hero is cut in half, also all Elemental Dragon Heroes are unaffected by card effects, also any effects currently effecting them are negated.

The much-needed infrastructure that powers the NAG LAN is kindly provided by our partners – Aruba, Intel and Mweb. Witness the best PC gaming has to offer with innovative machines, professional-grade accessories, and cutting-edge designs.

When performance means everything, settle for nothing less.

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