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That was the last communication that he had with her, he said.Records show that police went to the home in January to investigate a report of a theft. Ancient India - Achievements & Inventions Invention of Writing - Pictographs, Hieroglyphics, Cuneiform, Calligraphy Invention of Money for Kids Invention of Gods, Goddesses, and Magical Creatures Free Inventions Presentations Invention Games for Kids Ancient Incas - Inventions Ancient Mayas - Inventions People, in ancient civilizations, were very creative.Bathing in nearby streams and rivers was a cooling and enjoyable activity. (The following information on ancient cooling is from an article written by Gilly at Ancient/Classical History.

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Ancient Greece: Alexander the Great built the first Greek ice house.STRONGSVILLE, Ohio -- Strongsville police responded to reports of attempted break-ins, thefts and suspicious activities in the months leading up to the slaying of a middle school teacher who was found dead at her home late Monday.Melinda Pleskovic, 49, was found stabbed to death about 8 p.m. The man who identified himself as the husband of the Strongsville school teacher told a 911 dispatcher that they had been dealing with break-ins for a year.The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations was at the scene with police until early Tuesday morning. She also taught at Chapman and Kinsner Elementary Schools. COM has taken reasonable care to compile this data in a complete and accurate manner. COM makes no representations, guarantees or warranties of any nature whatsoever concerning the completeness and accuracy of the tax records, deeds or estimated real estate taxes paid.

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