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--Sodabottle (talk) , 20 November 2009 (UTC) I noticed that we do not have category for Wikipedians from Chennai, and hence tried creating one.

Though I’m sure the Aussie popped up on everyone’s radar as the babyfaced male love interest in “The Last Song,” it was his smoldering stare from those bluish-grey eyes and the constant brooding during “The Hunger Games” that got my boxer briefs all bunched up.(Katniss, you made a terrible goddamn choice.

And because little baby Liam Hemsworth is turning 27 tomorrow, I’ve compiled a visual list of all the times I’ve felt inclined to climb all over him and never, ever come down.

davidwr/The 3 other contributions of the brand new editor Anudath09 (talk · contribs) should be given a once-over for technical accuracy.

I'm not familiar enough with the subject matter to know if he's inserting valuable information and making legitimate corrections or if he's engaging in self-promotion.

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