Paddy mcguinness dating

He has also hosted Channel 4 shows such as ‘Paddy’s TV Guide’ and ‘Hotel GB’.

2015 culminated with Paddy, Ant and Dec, Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby and Christine Bleakley hosting the hugely successful ITV charity show Text Santa, which has raised more than £29.5 million to date, while last year, Paddy took part in Soccer Aid for UNICEF alongside a number of recognised personalities, including Ben Shephard and Jack Whitehall.

It’s nice seeing that, I quite like the excitement of the girls and the boys and being around that.

‘Even though I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of shows, that’s what keeps me pepped up as well.’ Despite online dating becoming the norm for meeting people, Paddy says there’s room for doing things the old-fashioned way as people get to meet face to face.

I’ve had a girl who turned her light off and when I asked her why she went “His knee bends a bit funny”! They think “Right, here’s a girl, she’s got a pulse, I’m leaving my light on.” The electric bill is gonna be through the roof because no one will turn their light off!

’ And what can we expect from the celebrity special?

Take Me Out is back for series ten with another Flirty Thirty hoping to find Mr Right in the Love Lift.

The dating show, hosted by Paddy Mc Guinness, marks its tenth anniversary this year and the show is going all out for the occasion, throwing in a celebrity special and a one-off role-reversal episode where one lucky lady will pick from a line-up of thirty guys.

‘Online dating is very much “Well I don’t like that, that and that so I’m not even gonna speak to them”.

In addition to ‘Take Me Out’, you will most recently have seen Paddy in ‘The Keith and Paddy Picture Show’ in Spring of this year alongside Leigh Francis.

The presenter looks barely recognisable thanks to a strange hairstyle in some throwback stills from his appearance on ITV programme, God's Gift.

Take Me Out has resulted in seven weddings and three babies (with two more on the way) which is a testament to why it has stood the test of time.

And ten years is a long time, so what keeps host Paddy Mc Guinness coming back for more?

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