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On 8 March 1798 Brune was appointed to lead the Army of Italy.

He left for his new command on 29 March and Schauenburg was named the new army commander.

Meanwhile, Balthazar Alexis Henri Schauenburg's 15,000-man division was detached from the Army of the Rhine and began advancing on Bern from the north.

During this time bogus negotiations were carried on to mislead the Swiss.

Many people make the mistake and pass through Feldkirch on their way to Liechtenstein or Innsbruck without even exploring its wonderful charm. Feldkirch lies in the Rhein Valley bordering Liechtenstein to the south and Switzerland to the west.

The closest international airports are in Friedrichshafen (46km), Zurich (124km), Innsbruck (154km), and Munich (223km).

Schauenburg was an excellent organizer but not a first-rate general like his successor.

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On 5 February 1798, Brune officially took command of the still-separated divisions of Schauenburg and his former unit, now under Phipppe Romain Mesnard.

Converging on Bern, both divisions entered the city on 5 March after scattered fighting.

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