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What is most appealing about is the intelligence and sensitivity that has gone into both the script and the direction.

The humour has a razor sharp satirical edge, but there's also a lot of humanity in what we see and hear.

The film paints a grim warning about where we may be heading as a society as we all live increasing virtual lives, thanks to our ever-growing dependence on the internet, video-conferencing, computer games, online chatrooms and the like.

We are spending less of our time in the real world, and more of our time in its virtual alternative, Cyberspace.

Two of our best friends - the home computer and the internet - may well end up becoming our mortal Hell, a self-induced solitary confinement in which human beings manage to live without any kind of physical contact, a kind of conscious non-life.He had planned three concerts where in two of them, he would destroy two grand pianos, and in one, he would burn his formal concert dress.He said that he would instead tour with an electronic keyboard around France to give informal concerts.Duchâble was the classical music technical advisor for the Danièle Thompson film Fauteuils d'orchestre (2006), and performed the solo piano works for the soundtrack.The fictional character of "Jean-François Lefort" in this film incorporates elements of Duchâble's own expressed attitudes towards the classical music world.

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