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As best friend Hannah, Mika Boorem (2001's "Hearts in Atlantis") solidly fulfills her role without having as much to do, and newcomer Kallie Flynn Childress is also notable (and, for once, not a caricature) as the overweight Yancy.

Directed by Joe Nussbaum Cast: Alexa Vega, Mika Boorem, Kallie Flynn Childress, Scout Taylor-Compton, Sara Paxton, Sam Huntington, Jane Lynch, Jeff Garlin, Sean Faris, Brie Larson, Evan Peters, Hunter Parrish, Shane Hunter, Timothy Dowling, Eileen April Boylan, Katija Pevec, Douglas Smith, Ryan Slattery 2004 – 90 minutes Rated: (for sensuality and mild language). An up-all-night version of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" for the newly adolescent set, "Sleepover" takes its John Hughes inspiration (the epitome of all great teen comedies, "Sixteen Candles," also springs to mind) and puts it to inspired, if decidedly unoriginal, use."Sleepover" may not be the next "Sixteen Candles" (what really could be?), but it is a quality, albeit frothy, teen flick destined to charm its target audience, and maybe even some grown-ups, as well.The 90-minute running time flies right by in a stream of bubbly pacing, fun music selections, and likable characters you want to root for.The film's moralistic themes and plot trajectory are of a been-there-done-that variety, but its innate predictability almost comes as an attribute.

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