Dating a bald man

Or, it could stem from that crucial factor of choice that I mentioned in the case of my bald beau.Consciously removing one’s hair—even today—is a mildly subversive act, and by that token being bald by choice can signal confidence and empowerment.Contrary to evolutionary psychology propaganda, women find youthfulness in a mate just as attractive as men do. So why should how sexy you (or even "general you") find a guy matter when he's out in the job market? Baldness should just be baldness, not some sort of sign of fundamental character flaw.It is and it isn't about women having standards. But what those standards ARE, in either gender, are often the product of the society that we've been soaking in all this time.Here’s a quick global snapshot: About a third of all men are affected by male pattern baldness by age 45.The condition’s social and economic impact is considerable: expenditures for hair transplantation in the United States alone exceeded 5 million (U.

By and large, it seems like men instigate a majority of the balding-bashing.But here’s a finding that grabbed my attention: For people struggling with body dysmorphic disorder (especially men), hair is one of the most affected physical features.Also, Kuntzman reported that academic studies have found gender differences in the perception of hair loss.The problem, as many bloggers have pointed out, is that the ad relies on the trope of the savage black man, an idea as old as the nation that has only changed rather than disappeared over time.Perhaps the broader social acceptance of black men with shaved heads traces back to a racist fear of black male sexuality, which the appearance of a shaved head may temper.

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