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So in this article some dates must be taken with a small grain of salt.

This owner-identified CJ-3B tailgate can be dated fairly closely.

All M38 tailgates have knockouts or holes for footman loops."The rear seat operates similarly to the GPW and MB rear seats from WW2. There are two J shaped guides for the rear seat vertical frame tubes and these allow the back rest to descend about 4 inches to lower the seat profile when not in use.

The J guides use the two large end cutouts for bolting to the tailgate.

Bob Westerman, an M38 and CJ-3A owner, explains the flange cutouts and rear seat operation on the M38, in production from 1950 through 1952: "The spare tire mount is high on the passenger side of the tailgate and uses the two small three sided cutouts for installing two bolts of the mount to the tailgate.

The inside of the tailgate has stiffeners welded on to strengthen the tailgate to carry the gas can and spare tire.

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