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Because Marty sports a mustache, Cam and his handlers suggest that he may be part of al-Qaeda or the Taliban.

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Cam's phone message to Shana is incredibly suggestive and descriptive. As a professional politician whose most firmly held beliefs include the power of sound bites and the ethical integrity of well-coifed hair, Brady has as much use for the word ("causing or producing cold"). But Cam's drive for another term takes a hit after he has a cacoethes to leave a sexually explicit phone message for his mistress. ") It's not like Cam has a lot of need to use the word—not in his line of rife with often explicitly Christian references that devolve into slams and slurs. Freedom." And while he admits he doesn't understand what that really means, he knows that "People sure love it when I say it." Marty points out that Cam hasn't been to church in nine months.But for the most part, the film doesn't attack actual faith as much as it lampoons less-than-pious politicians who try to co-opt it for their own secular purposes. And when Cam's forced to recite the Lord's Prayer during a debate, he turns it into a crass, blasphemous, offensive mess.

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