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This would be a very informative book for those that are basically clueless of how to make a first move. Remember Charles Dickens that was paid for each word written? He enjoys unnecessarily repeating himself for pages and pages.He also periodically declares chapter sub-topics then pontificates about them with as few as one sentence per paragraph but always ends with at least two quotes from well-known authors that may or may not have something to say related to the topic of discussion.Chapters 1-2 are somewhat insulting but the author is Black male so cut him slack and keep reading.Chapters 3-page 120 are sweeping generalizations about how man came to be, how man thinks in groups and how man selects woman presumably according to the latest pet theories in sociology 101 which are completely unrelated to a guide to dating.It's fair to say that our interracial dating community represents the enlightened majority in American society.

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But there are parts of the country - and certainly around the world - where the stigma is still rife and keenly felt by those in an interracial relationship.I failed to even make it to the half way point as this book was totally unreadable.I highly recommend not buying this book, it is a waste of money and time. I date a black woman myself and I did find a lot of factual information in this book.And this book would just be from "his" personal experience - so white men will read what worked for this white man.Get the book from the library if you absolutely MUST read it.

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